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Looking for top led wall washer suppliers? We are your best led wall washer suppliers, who specializing in producing various led wall washer.Our company offers only the finest led wall washer to suit your nneds and budget. 

  • SI-153 MINIWASH 150

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    The led wall washer suppliers' MINIWASH 150 is constructed of solid bronze producing a wide, soft, and bright beam to illuminate low walls, walkways, stairs, and plant material. Bracket mount allows mounting to underside of eaves, on rooftops, or walls.and it is needed to illuminate walls, walkways, stairs, plant material, and architectural features.

  • SI-055 LEDWASH 360F

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     the ledwash 360 produced by led wall washer suppliers is offered with specific optic system (35 degree). it’s with amazing color mixing. and it’s with fast and quiet moving. the 36pcs cree xlamp mc-e 10w leds (4-in-1) are made into 6 sections and each section could be controlled individully.

  • SI-039 LEDWASH 324

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    Big power LED fixtures are the trend for the industry. Color Imagination led wall washer suppliers leads the trend.  LEDWASH 324 is a legend leading the trend, by featuring 108PCS 3W RGBW LED units. Its amazing brightness and stability integrates with multifunction, providing magical lighting effects.

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