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As a professional city color light manufacturer, we are dedicated to manufacture satisfactory city color light and other lighting  products.

  • W-018 LEDARC 2410F

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    Ledarc 2410F city color light is a wash linear/bar fixture by Color Imagination similar to the Ledarc 1210F but with dimension of 1m long. It features 24x10W 4-in-1 LEDs (RGBW), and the same IP65 aluminum housing, built-in various effects.

  • W-014A LEDARC 243T

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    The W-014A city color light has an IP65 rated waterproof line body with TILT angle adjustable manually to light up your small architectures at any angle with any colors by mixing. 

  • W-020 PIXARC 189T

    W-020 PIXARC 189TMore >

    Pixarc series by Color Imagination city color light  is the linear/bar LED wash fixtures designed for outdoor architectural applications similar to Ledarc series, but other than IP65 rated housings, they also pixel controllable, which create much more dynamic effect and color mixing, and available in 3 models.

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