The several measures to solve the problem of LED display main technology

Now LED display as a new industry, the technology is very seriously, is the core of the whole process, so this article will discuss the main technical problems to be solved badly, boil down to "3 tall one low", namely, high photosynthetic efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost, the technical problem to implement low cost the essence of which is also a technical problem.To solve these technical problems, of course, also need to take a series of measures on the commercial lighting company chain each link.Such as adopting new technology, new structure and new technology, new materials, etc.In this paper about the technical route and direction, hope that through this article to the commercial lighting manufacturers entrepreneurs help on product innovation.Guangzhou lighting
The following mainly from "3 tall one low" that is, high photosynthetic efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost for:

First is the high photosynthetic efficiency: for photosynthetic efficiency energy saving effect can be said to be the important index of the LED display, at present our country on the lighting effect remains to be strengthened, to really to do high photosynthetic efficiency, must be considered in the industrial chain each link related technical problems, so how to realize the high photosynthetic efficiency?This article divides the struggle for the extension, chips, encapsulation, several links such as lamps and lanterns to solve technical problems.
1. The internal quantum efficiency and the external quantum efficiency.
2. Improve the optical encapsulation efficiency and reduce the junction temperature.
3. Improve the efficiency of the take light of lamps and lanterns.

Secondly from high color rendering, LED display light quality a lot of color, including color temperature, color rendering, light color fidelity, light color natural, tonal recognition degrees, visual comfort, etc.Here we only discuss the solve the problem of color warm color rendering.Make high LED display light source color rendering and lose more lights, so to take care of in the design of these two factors.Of course to improve high must also consider the RGB trichromatic color combination.Here I have three kinds of methods:
1. More gezer phosphors.
2. The RGB multichip combination.
3. The fluorescent powder and chips.

Again from high reliability in terms of: mainly includes indicators such as failure rate and life.But there are different understanding and in the application.High reliability refers to the product under prescribed conditions and time, complete the required function.LED category main failure has serious failure and parameters.And life is the reliability of the product attribute value.: generally refers to the statistical average, for a large number of components, the life of LED device is to use the meaning of this description.The factors affecting the reliability of the LED display products have chip making, encapsulation, thermal resistance, heat dissipation, etc.Since when it comes to this, hope that enterprises in the implementation of total quality control of LED display products, based on the 2 points:
1. Reduce the failure rate.
2. Prolonged wear failure.

Finally on the reduced cost of production: at present a lot of consumer are buying LED display all the time think the price is too high, so the struggle for the many LED display entrepreneurs take the corresponding measures, to reduce costs in addition to mass production, mainly from the technical measures to reduce the cost of ways and means.Mainly in the epitaxial chips, encapsulation, drive, the respect such as heat dissipation to reduce costs, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of the cost of the LED display products.When it comes to concrete from the following four aspects:
1. Epitaxial chips link cost reduction methods.
2. The packaging cost reduction methods.
3. The lamps and lanterns of link cost reduction methods.
4. Other supporting cost reduction

Above mainly from high photosynthetic efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost of four major technology to solve the main technology and take corresponding measures, LED display and, in general, in addition to the adoption of new technology, new technology, new structure, new materials and other measures to achieve high photosynthetic efficiency of LED display, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost, from a deeper level, ought to improve the quality of energy efficiency and light color as a higher requirement of the LED display, to provide products for people's real needs sex!

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